18.–21. 7. 2019 v Pardubicích
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…to the website of GameCon, the oldest and biggest Czech festival of non-computer games and active entertainment.

GameCon is 4-day long summer event for people who like any kind of non-computer games: board games, PnP or tabletop roleplaying games, LARPs, wargaming, unconventional active games, social, fun and party games. Essentially any games which focus on the non-digital world – real or imaginary. This year, we are arranging several activities which will run in English. Check out one of our videos to see what we mean.

It doesn’t matter if you are hard-core game geek or an occasional gamer – GameCon is both festival (open for the public with events for everyone) and convention (social event for regular hardcore visitors who want to meet each other and new people), and we actively support both of these aspects.

GameCon takes place 18-21th of July (Thu – Sun) 2019 in city Pardubice, Czech Republic.

About GameCon English section

Why are we doing English section in the first place?

GameCon English officers

GameCon international visitors are being supported by our „English officers“:

Václav Švejda

For further information, if you have any questions or you if you need to arrange something, do not hesitate to contact us.

English Program

As was mentioned above, we are arranging several activities which are going to run purely in English. We will also have many events which are not primarily English, but which may be accessible to English speaking visitors.

Show me the program

You may organize the program as well!

Yes, I'm interested! Give me some details

Registration (and payment)

We are offering the international registration form to all of our foreign visitors. Completing and sending it is the recommended way to register because we will handle everything that is needed for you.

After completing and sending the form you will be contacted by one of our English officers to confirm the details of your registration.

You will need to sign up for individual GC events which you wish to attend (these are paid separately, see below). We recommend you sign up in advance, especially for low-capacity activities (notably RPGs, LARPs and Wargaming).

As a foreign visitor, you have right of first sign-up for English activities (after 26th of June anyone can sign up for English program). If you are interested, please state the events on the international registration form (or you can contact our English officers - see above).

Of course, if you are brave enough (or you have Czech friend at hand) and you don't want our help, you can go through standard GC registration – though unfortunately for technical reasons, our standard registration is in Czech only.

Yes, I'm brave and I want to try it myself! Tell me more.


Show me prices details

I've registered on my own - what do I need to know?

GameCon – how it works on site

How do I navigate around?

Accommodation and food

Where am I going to sleep?

People, parties and fun

Yay! That's what it is about!

Security, Health and such things

...but it IS important. Please read it!